Horseback Camp/Pack Trips


Wilderness Pack Trips

We specialize in guiding multi-day wilderness pack trips throughout the Chugach National Forest and Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Trips range from an overnight excursion to extreme 7-day wilderness riding expeditions. We accommodate guests professionally and provide suitable tack, camping gear, and delicious camp meals. Typically our rides explore the beautiful high country and search for wildlife. We take pride in the uniqueness and authenticity of our trips.  We offer different expeditions depending on the time of year and customize each trip to accommodate the comfort level and interests of our guests.


The Typical Schedule

Mornings start with a hardy breakfast and cowboy coffee, help us gather and saddle horses or spend time behind the spotting scope searching for wildlife on the mountainside.  Plan on a fun day of riding with the best scenery, wildflowers, and wildlife viewing along thrilling trail riding with our seasoned Alaskan mountain horses.  We always make sure your trip is fun and enjoyable.


Back at camp, relaxing in a camp chair and worn out after an unbelievable great day of mountain riding, plan on a big warm campfire and a hearty meal.  A full evening of watching for wildlife and the sunset on the mountains (if you are up that late). You can watch the horses feed on good grass with your private tent in the distance, and listen for the sounds and the quiet of the wilderness.


Wildlife And Scenery

Most trips are hosted and guided by Alex Kime.  Resurrection Trail, a historical trail from Cooper Landing to Hope, is used to access remote mountain valleys that were used by trappers, hunters and gold miners in the pioneer days. Their old trails are utilized as well as campsites. Wildlife viewing can be hit or miss. We do our best to help you spot wildlife, many of which may be wolves, caribou, moose, brown bear, black bear, sheep, goat, coyote, wolverine, and bird viewing for eagles, hawks, owls, spruce hen and our state bird the ptarmigan. Fishing availability may be an option on custom trips, just ask!

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Horseback Camping Trips

We specialize in multiday horseback expeditions in wilderness country throughout the Kenai Peninsula. Some of our most common trips are outlined below. Please call for detailed information about our pack trips.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge – Spring

We use an old hunter’s packing trail that takes us above tree line to spectacular views and camp. Spend a day riding the mountains and getting a taste of the outdoors. Lunch on top of a mountain overlooking the Kenai Peninsula. Great for bird and bear viewing.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge – Summer

On this three day trip, we use a rugged old packing trail to access high mountain valleys of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. We normally explore mountain tops around camp on day two. This is a great wildlife trip and our camp overlooks the Cook Inlet to the west for magnificent sunsets.

Chugach National Forest – Summer

To reach our high mountain camps in the northern Kenai Mountains, we use Resurrection Pass and Devil’s Pass where caribou, brown bear, and eagles are common. We spend 4-6 hours in the saddle daily on these trips and often have time to fish high mountain lakes and creeks.

Chugach National Forest – Remote

A rugged seven hour ride gets us to a remote hundred year old horse camp. This ride takes us into quite un-used, wild country that is almost exclusively accessed by horseback.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge – Extreme

We venture deep into the valleys of the Chugach mountains and to the headwaters of glacial fed creeks. This trek takes us over 30 miles back into the homeland of a large caribou herd. We spend 2 days on old packer trails getting to our camp against the Tustemena mountain and spend 4 days exploring high country full of wildlife. This is our most extreme wilderness trip.

Custom Extreme Photography Trip

If photography is your passion, there are few places on earth that match the scenery and wildlife you’ll find in Alaska.  We know just where to take you!

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